August 9, 2021

Introduction to Gameplay

Quick lesson on game play

In the Musical Future Sound Project, we offer players a variety of gameplay and song playing experiences:


       In the mode, the theme scene of the city with regional characteristics is adopted and the music is full of flavor, which allows you to enjoy the famous cities around the world without leaving home. Each city within a total of 10 challenge levels, each level has a specified clearance conditions, to challenge!


       In the music library, you can choose your favorite songs to challenge, each music is divided into simple, ordinary, difficult, expert four challenge modes, if you have enough confidence, you can challenge the most difficult mode to try! At the same time, each song after the completion of the score ranking, you can clearly see everyone's score ranking.


       Challenge: The challenge starts one song every week. All players can win challenge points and compete for ranking by challenging songs within a week. As long as you are strong enough, you can make the list soon! The names of the top players are displayed in the scene!


       Fighting with people is fun, the game provides the majority of players with each song points ranking, hot song points ranking, calorie consumption ranking, ladder game points ranking, you can through their own ability, to challenge the ranking of other players, from the first World War to honor God, ten thousand people!