August 4, 2021


A VR music interactive entertainment product

Mutrix is a VR music interactive entertainment product.

【 Visual 】

As the "next generation music space", Mutrix has adopted a very cyber/sci-fi style design in the art vision, and crafted urban theme scenes with Chinese regional characteristics, so that our users can feel the impact and shock brought by Chinese elements in a VR360° immersive experience.

【 Game 】

In Mutrix, music can be used not only to listen, but also to "hit" and "see". If you love music, you will hold a lightsaber and follow the rhythm of the music to cut the flying note blocks with the lightsaber. Combined with the scene, lighting, animation and other stage-like atmosphere, you will experience the smooth gameplay in VR. At the same time, we will record the calories consumed by each user in the process of playing songs. We hope to bring you a unique experience of "exercise while playing" in this way, and you can achieve today's exercise plan while enjoying the fun of music and games!

【 Entertainment 】

In the future, Mutrix will gradually add multi-player Online interaction mode, idol virtual concert, user avatar social networking, VR-KTV and other entertainment and social systems. We are committed to creating a "future music space", enabling more friends who like music, music games and music entertainment to participate in it. Join us to explore more of Mutrix's charms.